Llane Alexis is a multidisciplinary textile artist based in San Francisco, CA.

Originally from Cuba, Llane began his artistic career in 1997. While living in a Havana barrio, he used painting as a means of coping with personal and political strife. No formal art education allowed him to develop his own unadulterated approach.

Ten years ago, inspired by the never-ending waste he witnessed in the fashion industry, he began using fabrics that would otherwise be discarded to transform unwanted materials into one-of-a-kind art objects.

He braids, stitches, and wraps the fabrics (silk from Dosa; denim from Levi’s; organic cotton from Voices of Industry) in a process of free creation that breathes life and an element of humanity into everyday, inanimate objects.

In choosing such objects (a river stone from Amami Oshima, Japan; a defunct Apple computer, complete with keyboard and mouse; a brick from a demolition site), he gives the mundane and functional new meaning.

Llane has hosted numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world in London, Madrid, Havana, Buenos Aires, Salvador de Bahia, San Francisco, and most recently in Los Angeles.

Having collaborated with the likes of Christina Kim, Matt Dick, Sally Fox, Heidi Swanson, Steven Volpe, Pedro Pablo, Heath Ceramics, Chanda Williams and more, he aims to work with artists, brands, and individuals who have a good design approach and care about the origins of their materials.